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Fargespill (“Kaleidoscope”) has entertained over 450 000 people across Norway over the past 15 years with explosive and gripping performances. The shows have a solid reputation for bringing out tears of joy. 

“Fargespill sparkles so much that even the most discerning critic cheers unreservedly, for each and every performer, and what they have created together” (Ida Habbestad, Aftenposten)


Fargespill is an artistic organization that produces stage performances with children and youngsters between the ages of 7 and 25 from all over the world. At a typical Fargespill show, you should expect to experience up to 100 people from over 35 different countries on stage at the same time. 

The performances are based on the cultural treasures the participants bring with them, such as traditional songs, dance moves and rhythms from their upbringing or heritage. The musical expressions are merged together in medleys, with Norwegian folk traditions or expressions from modern youth culture. The performances are elevated by professional musicians, choreographers, instructors, sound- and light designers.

Fargespill debuted in Bergen in 2004, and has since performed at many festivals and major public events such as the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Concert  and the 2017 World Cycling Championships. Fargespill has performed in front of most of the Norwegian ministers and the majority of the European royal families. The ensemble has released two albums, been nominated for Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy Awards) and the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize (!).

The Fargespill-method is resource-oriented where everyone has something to contribute. We should ask each other «what do you have?», not «what are you missing?». The philosophy explores what happens if people dig for gold within each other instead of looking for dirt.

In 2017 the Fargespill foundation opened a new office in Oslo. The Fargespill-concept is licensed to several municipalities all over the country – and many more are on the verge of starting up their own ensembles. These are independent units. To read more about the licenses, please follow this link.


CEO / Producer Per Mygland +47 92 60 21 46
Coordinator/ press / co-producer Frøydis Moberg +47 93 49 65 71
Communications officer Martine Berg Olsen +47 45 21 55 83

Are you looking to book Fargespill for an event? Please contact Kjersti Berge


Artistic leader Ole Hamre +47 90 04 30 81
Artistic leader Sissel Saue +47 92 22 64 84
Artistic director Helene Aasebø helene(at) +47 45 24 71 46
Artistic director Stephanie Mowinckel stephanie(at) +47 95 24 32 07
Dance instructor Anney Marie Niyokindi +47 95 12 78 39
Artist coordinator Alix L’erario +47 955 24 417
Artist coordinator Daniel Tewelde Kahsay +47 969 72 587

Do you want to be a part of the Fargespill-universe or have any questions regarding rehearsals etc? Please contact Sissel Saue



Leader Anine Smith +47 99 56 17 64

Are you looking to book Fargespill-Oslo for an event? Please contact Anine Smith


Musical educator  / instructor Mariama Ndure +47 47 83 29 21
Artistic educator / choreographer Alma Bø +47 93 61 36 37

Do you want to be a part of Fargespill or have any questions regarding rehearsals etc? Please contact Mariama Ndure 

For more information on upcoming events, please visit this page

(Under the event-page, please note that all performances referred to as e.g. “Fargespill-Trondheim”, “Fargespill-Larvik”, “Fargespill-Kristiansand” or any variation of “Flere Farger” IN THE COLUMN TO THE LEFT are performances by other companies in other cities, and should not be confused with Fargespill located in Bergen and Oslo)

Photo: Thor Brødeskift